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About us?

CP LEGAL is the reference Corporate Compliance boutique in the Principality of Andorra.

We are a professional law firm specialized in Criminal Compliance, AML Compliance and IT Compliance.

With extensive experience and professional experience in the Principality and neighboring countries, we provide high-quality comprehensive advice.

Among our values, we will find integrity, loyalty and confidentiality, professional excellence, honesty and transparency in our work, and permanent learning, teamwork and the innovative capacity of our consultancy.

A company like ours offers an important added value which is corporate ethical governance. Our commitment to ethical and responsible corporate conduct is reflected in our work and in our advice.

What do we do?

CP LEGAL has defined the areas of law in which it will focus and what specific services will be offered, determined by their training, specialization and experience, and specifically of the professional partner.

Thus, CP LEGAL is dedicated to advising on Compliance, that is: advising and establishing a set of measures aimed at guaranteeing an ethical and legally respectful conduct of companies, their executive bodies and their workers regarding compliance of the regulations, whether they are legal or internal company prohibitions.

Thus, the areas of practice in CP LEGAL will be the following:

  • Criminal Compliance : Crime Prevention Models, also known as Criminal Compliance, are a fundamental tool to create a business culture contrary to business criminal conduct. Likewise, the implementation of an MPD can exempt companies from criminal responsibility.
  • AML Compliance: Programs for the Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism, also known as AML Compliance, are a fundamental tool for the regulated entities, to create a preventive culture of this specific type of crime.
  • IT Compliance: Programs for the Protection of Personal Data, together with the Information Security Management Systems, are a fundamental tool for all companies, in terms of the protection of their information and personal data, which ensures compliance with the GDPR and the the national regulations on the matter.
  • Other services related to Corporate Compliance and Corporate Social Responsibility that you can consult in our catalog of services.